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RF Probe

RF Probe

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Elevate your NFC Analysis! Our RF Probe enables contactless resonance frequency measurement for NFC Labels and Tags.

The RF Probe can be used with all Vector Network Analyzers (VNA). 

Calibrating your VNA before measurement with our probe is a simple and straightforward process as described below. 

  • Open - Connect an "Open" calibration standard
  • Short - Connect our RF Probe 
  • Load - Connect a "50 Ohm" calibration standard 

After calibration, connect our RF Probe to measure contactless NFC Labels or Tags with precision

For optimal convenience during measurement, we recommend utilizing the 'Log Magnitude' Display format.

RF Probe parameters:

Substrate: FR-4, Thickness 1.6mm

Overall PCB Size: 150 mm x 40 mm

Connector Type: SMA, Female



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