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NFC Antenna 48x34 For Development

NFC Antenna 48x34 For Development

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This NFC Antenna is perfect for the developmental phase of your NFC Reader or Tag device. Featuring convenient markings and a center hole for an M3 screw. 

These features can be particularly useful when conducting position measurements, such as those performed with a robot.

The antenna has the following parameters:

Substrate: FR-4, Thickness 1.6mm

Inductance at 13.56 MHz: 1.54 µH

Resistance at 13.56 MHz: 0.8 Ω

Connection type: Soldering pads with pitch 2.54mm 

Hole diameter: 3.2mm

Overall PCB Size: 59 mm x 38 mm

Effective Antenna Size: 48 mm x 34 mm

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