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NFC Antenna 25x20 FR4

NFC Antenna 25x20 FR4

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Compact PCB NFC Antenna ideal for Your NFC Design needs! Perfect for NFC Development, Proof of Concept, or Final Product Integration. 

Its dimensions and electrical specifications enable compatibility with a wide range of NFC Readers and Tags from different manufacturers available in the market.

The NFC Antenna is compatible with NFC Reader and NFC Tag designs operating at 13.56 MHz.

The antenna has the following parameters:

Substrate: FR-4, Thickness 1.6 mm

Inductance at 13.56 MHz: 0.58 µH

Resistance at 13.56 MHz: 0.3 Ω

Connection type: Soldering pads with pitch 2.54 mm 

Overall PCB Size: 36 mm x 22 mm

Effective Antenna Size: 25 mm x 20 mm

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