NFC Forum

NFC Forum

The NFC (Near Field Communication) Forum is a non-profit industry association that promotes the adoption and standardization of NFC technology. Founded in 2004 by Nokia, Philips Semiconductors (now NXP Semiconductors), and Sony, the NFC Forum develops specifications, conducts education and outreach activities, and facilitates collaboration among stakeholders to drive the adoption of NFC technology. NFC certificed device shall support for ISO 14443 Type A , Type B, Sony Felica and ISO 15693

Here are some key aspects of the NFC Forum:

Standardization and Specifications

The NFC Forum develops and maintains specifications for NFC technology, including standards for NFC data exchange formats, protocols, and application interfaces. These specifications ensure interoperability and compatibility among different NFC-enabled devices and systems, enabling seamless communication and interaction.

Technical Working Groups

 The NFC Forum organizes technical working groups composed of industry experts from member organizations to develop and refine NFC specifications. These working groups focus on various aspects of NFC technology, including tag types, device-to-device communication, security, and application development.

Certification Programs

 The NFC Forum manages certification programs for NFC devices and products to ensure compliance with NFC specifications and interoperability requirements. Devices and products that meet the NFC Forum's certification criteria are awarded the NFC Forum Certification Mark, indicating their compatibility and adherence to NFC standards.

Education and Outreach

 The NFC Forum conducts education and outreach activities to promote awareness and understanding of NFC technology among consumers, businesses, developers, and other stakeholders. This includes providing resources such as technical documentation, case studies, webinars, and marketing materials to support the adoption and implementation of NFC solutions.


 The NFC Forum is open to companies, organizations, and individuals interested in contributing to the development and promotion of NFC technology. Membership in the NFC Forum provides access to technical specifications, participation in working groups, certification programs, and networking opportunities with industry peers.

Global Collaboration

The NFC Forum collaborates with other standards organizations, industry associations, government agencies, and regulatory bodies worldwide to promote the adoption of NFC technology and address common challenges and opportunities in the NFC ecosystem.

Market Adoption and Innovation

 The NFC Forum works to stimulate market adoption and innovation in NFC technology by facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, promoting interoperability and compatibility, and fostering the development of new NFC-enabled products, services, and applications.

Overall, the NFC Forum plays a pivotal role in driving the adoption, standardization, and innovation of NFC technology, promoting its use in a wide range of applications, including mobile payments, access control, transportation, marketing, and IoT (Internet of Things). Through its efforts, the NFC Forum aims to create a more connected, secure, and convenient world enabled by NFC technology.

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