NFC Antenna Design Tool

NFC Antenna Design Tool

If you're considering designing your own antenna, calculating existing antenna parameters, or matching your antenna to the NFC Reader or Tag IC, you'll find a variety of online tools that can be invaluable for these tasks.

NFC Antenna Design Hub

It's a comprehensive tool developed by NXP Semiconductors, integrating an antenna calculator with a matching network calculator tailored specifically for NXP NFC Readers and NFC Tags.

The tool is conveniently available online, eliminating the need for downloads or registrations. NXP has provided default values for each NFC Tag and Reader, serving as excellent starting points. Users can easily download the results in PDF format for their convenience.

Preview the tool below:

The tool is available on NXP Webpage


NFC Tuning Circuit + NFC Inductance

STMicroelectronics offers two tools for NFC design.

The NFC Inductance tool focuses on calculating antenna inductance exclusively.

Explore more below:

The tool for the antenna inductance culculation is available on ST webapge

With the NFC Tuning Circuit tool from STMicroelectronics, you can calculate matching components for STM NFC Readers. The tool provides calculations for both single-ended and coaxial cable setups. STMicroelectronics' tool also offers predefined profiles for EMVCo and Very High Bit Rates (VHBR), enhancing its versatility. Additionally, it supports exporting to the QUCS schematic, facilitating further simulations.

Explore the tool below:

The NFC Tuning Circuit tool requires a registration. Available on ST webpage




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